Secrets of the Good Fairy House

Secrets of the Good-Fairy House is a unique exploration of how a beloved childhood house can grant not only a treasury of rich memories, but also spark imaginative childhood adventures, and future creative inspiration. Created by award-winning author Sophie Masson and acclaimed illustrator Lorena Carrington, this beautiful book is an interwoven mix of memoir and fiction in both text and images, taking you on a fascinating journey into a very special magic. 

ISBN: 9780645563429

Paperback, trim size 160x160mm, 48 pages, full colour

RRP: $25

Extracts of reviews:

It is a small, but powerful book that fuels the imagination, and takes the reader back to a world where they can bring those childhood fantasies back to life, which is joyful and meaningful. It is both an escape from reality and a reminder that magic, and fairies is everywhere, we just need to want to find it. And it can be found in the simplest of things around the house as we think about what a house and its various aspects look like to a child seeking adventure.

At its heart, it is about finding other worlds in the world around us, something that is useful and common with writers, who are always looking for the enchanted aspects of the everyday items that most people see as mundane. What if we picked up an old coin and were thrust back in time? What if fantasy lands are at the top of an old tree? And what would happen if we fell into a notebook as we wrote? These possibilities are endless, and I loved that about this book. It is inspirational and comforting and is a book that I hope will be loved and well-received, because it is something a little bit different which is good. It is a book that all creatives will love – and I hope they love it as much as I do. It is a very special book that has spirit and joy within its pages. It can spark the imagination, and is a wonderful example of the joyous books that Pardalote Press is putting out. (Ashleigh Meikle, The Book Muse)

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