Bird’s Eye View

Bird’s Eye View is a little chapbook of words—poetry and prose—and black and white images, which together form glimpses into the world of birds, and the world as seen by birds.

Extracts from reviews:

Sophie and Lorena have worked together on several projects, and much like those, Bird’s Eye View is exquisite. It has pulled words and images together in a wonderful way that shows that there is power in words and images, and the ways that they work together on the page to tell a story through prose and poetry, and I loved the way these two forms of storytelling appeared together, and worked to evoke a sense of wonder in this little book that I think will be loved and well-received. I loved this book, and I think it is lovely. I read this in one sitting – it is easy to do so, because I felt like I melted into the poems and the book, and felt like I was swept away in delightful and magical ways. (Ashleigh Meikle, The Book Muse)

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