Pardalote Press


Who are we?

We are Pardalote Press, a partnership between author Sophie Masson and illustrator Lorena Carrington. We’ve set up Pardalote Press, a brand-new tiny press, to make small, surprising things which help your imagination take flight!

What are we planning?

We are launching with two wonderful projects: Bird’s Eye View and Wayfarer.

Bird’s Eye View is a lovely little chapbook of words—poetry and prose—and black and white images, which together form glimpses into the world of birds, and the world as seen by birds.

Wayfarer is a unique set of sixteen beautiful full colour cards which in words and pictures take you on a journey of mystery, magic and meaning. The cards can be used to build a thousand stories; or consult the fairy tale oracle; or play games of words and pictures: the choice is yours!

Please note we are not taking submissions at this time.

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